5 Conscious Link Building Tips that Focus on Mutual Benefits

Link building has always been the heart and soul of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Although we cannot say that the modern day SEO doesn’t exist without link building, but we can safely say that SEO doesn’t function is there is no link building strategy in place.

So, if you are not doing any link building, then start it.

And, if you are already doing some form link building to support your SEO campaign, good, but keep refining the strategy and focus on getting the quality of your link-profile better and better.

That’s the way to stay on top of the SEO game and secure or improve the rankings.

Google asks every SEO to focus on building high quality inbound links, which means all the links to a particular page must always be from top sources.

Besides that, you must ensure that you’re building the links consciously, which means you build links and help other people that are part of your community.

This post is going to tell you 5 useful link building tips that have mutual benefits for you and others in your community.

So, this is basically “give and take”.

Now, the 5 tips…

Offer Something for Free

Free stuff is Gold.

Who doesn’t like that? And, if you are offering something very useful for other members in your community or niche for free, they would definitely love that. That’s how you have a great chance of getting quality backlinks.

Of course, it’s not as easy today as it was 8 or 10 years ago due to the heavy density of content, mini products, small apps and tools or resources that are available nowadays for free.

You will have to earn a spot for your free product or resource, and make it unique and useful.

How will you accomplish that?

  • Start by doing a research about some of the options that are relevant to your business or brand.
  • Choose the options that are possible for you to offer without charging anything to the users.
  • See the similar stuff that others are offering.
  • Find the way to make your product better and more useful than all other options available for your target users.

Online tools or resources such as an email course, a podcast, an ebook, a calendar, a stock photo database, a calculator, a collection of templates or software add-ons, a WordPress plugin etc. are excellent options to explore.

If your freebie has a certain value to offer, people will talk about that. That’s how you will generate amazing backlinks naturally.

Also remember that you might need to promote your freebies through standard online marketing channels in case you notice a low interest from your users. So, be prepared for that.

Be Part of a Great Cause

If you are looking to earn a reputation for your brand or business, you have to be open to participating in some of the events or projects like offering scholarships, talent hunt programs, planting trees, hosting seminars etc. that have a greater purpose.

By participating in those great causes you show that you are active in your community. People will notice that.

Now, you may ask – “How do I earn backlinks to my website through my involvement in those programs?”

I tell you how.

  • After seeing your involvement in the activities people will take more interest in you and your business. That’s just an automatic process.
  • Some members in your community might have known your business previously, and those who didn’t know would most likely know after seeing your active participation and contribution to the programs.
  • Many causes nowadays have their names on the internet through Facebook groups, pages, other social media handles and even websites.
  • Through your involvement in those programs and activities you increase the number of your prospects those are active online. Encourage them to link to your website.

Once you start being active in your community, aim to be a front-runner. Capture photographs, visuals and special moments of your participation and add those to your website. Create content or blog posts including those elements and make your community members and target audience know that you loved your time there and will keep coming back to action. Make them believe you care for the contribution more than promoting your business.

Share those content posts everywhere.

You praise the community and benefit the members. Links are going to come to your website.

Participate by Asking and Answering Questions

Platforms like Quora, Yahoo Answers and Reddit are great to submit questions and post answers. Besides these 3 platforms, there are many other forums that you can choose.

Make sure you ask relevant questions and choose relevant questions to answer

You can also choose other reputable blogs in the niche that are engaging more to your target audience. Leave your quality comments regularly on their blog posts. Put links to your website or specific blog posts, and ask other readers or commenters to come to your website or particular pages for additional help on the topic.

Share Your Feedback or Testimonials

Feedback, reviews and testimonials are important. They build trust and authority to websites.

Sites, especially new ones, are looking for different ways to build trust and credibility, so they’re always on the lookout for good testimonials from their clients.

If you use a product or service and you love it, don’t shy away from sharing your feedback or testimonials. That will provide a great deal of help to the owner. And, you can include your brand name along with a link to your website or a particular page.

However, there’s no guarantee that the site owners you are sending your reviews or testimonials to will keep your links. Some may keep, some may not. And you cannot do anything about that.

Choose sites with higher domain authority (DA) than yours to submit your review or testimonial. If some of them keep your site’s link on the review or testimonial, that’s awesome.

Do Guest blogging

I kept the best for the last.

Yes, Guest blogging or Guest posting is probably one of the best and most used link building tactics today.

Guest posts are your own content that you write or share on other websites.

Unlike forum comment links that are mostly “nofollow” links, Guest post links are completely legitimate and ideal for SEO.

Choose relevant websites

  • that have higher DA (higher than yours or at least greater than 30)
  • that allow guest blogging, and
  • that approve backlinking

Write Guest posts for trusted sites that have higher domain authority. Check their DA through tools or sites like Alexa or Ahrefs.


  • Link building is important for SEO. Backlinks from high-authority sources or sites can boost your search engine visibility.
  • Link building has to be clean, simple and meaningful.
  • The above 6 tips are conscious link building ideas that are based on the “give and take” principle. You make your community a better place, help other members and they will do a favor to you.

Try to explore more methods and share your opinion in the comments below.

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