5 Important Findings from Merkle’s Digital Marketing Report for Q4 2017

On 25 January 2018, Merkle, a global marketing agency headquartered at the Columbia Gateway Drive released its Q4 2017 Digital Marketing Report. The report includes a detailed analysis of the performance of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, the popular social networks like Facebook and Instagram, and the giant online shopping store Amazon. It also sheds some light on the performance of Organic Search and Paid Search.

Here are 5 important findings from the report:

  1. Rise in Organic Search Visits

There is a significant rise in the total site visits driven by organic search, and the number is up 6%  year-over-year in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2017. This is the strongest rate of growth in over 2 years. Although there was a drop in the desktop organic search visits in 2016, the Q4 of 2017 sees an improvement in that.

The mobile organic search growth, however, sees a record-high rate of 15% year-over-year in the fourth quarter of 2017. With a huge 96% share of all site visits by mobile organic search, Google has outplayed all other search engines in the Q4 2017.

Google organic search visits increased by 8% year-over-year, which was up by 7% from the third quarter of 2017. 

  1. Increase in Overall Search Ad Spend

The fourth quarter of 2017 shows an increase in the overall search ad spend across all major platforms. For Google, it was 22% in the Q3 2017 and 24% in the Q4 2017 witnessing a 2% rise. Out of the total paid search spend, the search ad spend increased by 23% year-over-year and the Google shopping ads spend increased by 32% year-over-year.

Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini together witnessed a growth of 32% year-over-year, which is up by 6% from the Q3 of 2017. 

  1. Growth of Bing Product Ads

There is an impressive growth in Bing Product Ads spend in the Q4 of 2017, which is the highest in the last 2 years. While the clicks rose to 62% and the clicks fell to 11% the Bing Product Ads spend rose by 43%, which is quite exceptional.

  1. Facebook: Rise of Ad Spend but Fall of Impressions

In the Q4 of 2017, Facebook ad spend rose by 20% year-over-year but the impressions declined by 27% year-over-year. Out of the total Facebook spend, Phone and Tablet together share 83%, while the rest 17% goes to Desktop.

Talking about Instagram, the total spend the rise was 122% in Q4, nearly doubled from Q3 of 2017. The increase in impressions was at 99%.

Out of the total paid social media spend in Q4 2017, Facebook shares 82%, Instagram 8%, Pinterest 7% and other networks such as Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn collectively share 3%.

  1. Major Rise of Amazon Sponsored Product Ads Spend 

The Q4 of 2017 witnessed a major rise of Amazon Sponsored Product Ads spend which rose by 64% quarter-over-quarter. The Headline Ads spend increased by 75% quarter-over-quarter in Q4 2017.

Here is full report in case you would like more insights on the topic. You can also download the report for future reference.

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