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5 Tips To Writing Powerful Headlines That Sell

No matter how useful the body content of your article is – if the headline fails to appeal, nobody will scroll down to read the story inside, and the entire article goes to waste. It’s just the nature of all internet-readers that they only scan through the article, they want quick answer to their queries, and they only look at the headline to determine if the entire article is worth-reading. Once you’ve come up with a beautiful, strong and effective headline for your article, the job is nearly done. With this in mind, here are 5 useful tips for you to create a powerful headline that can sell.

Keep It Short yet Descriptive

A descriptive headline does not have to be long, but it should contain only the most essential words that would sufficiently convey the full meaning of what the post is all about. Somewhere between 55 and 60 characters is considered as the ideal length of the web title/headline.

Include Keywords

By including keywords in the headline you are making sure the article is going to be found on popular searches. I don’t want you to delve deeper into the whole anchor text design and distribution scenario now, or do lots of research on how Google looks for keywords in the headlines, but trust me, adding keywords to the headlines always has a significant impact on rankings. So, if you want to optimize your post for search pages, include keywords in the headline. Terms like “How to”, “5 Tips” are also very popular search terms, so prefer adding them to the headline.

Choose the Right Font Style and Size

Readability is an important part of the article’s performance. You may have created a top-quality write-up with tons of ideas and values included in it, but it never interests the readers if it’s not easy to read. This is where the font comes into effect. Choose the right kind of font style and size in order to justify the efforts you’ve put into the post. Choose a font that fits well into all the devices. Sans Serif (Arial) tops my list of fonts, and I normally set the size 11 pt.

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