8 Tips to Creating and Marketing Your LinkedIn Posts Most Effectively


Although it’s been nearly a year to the launch of LinkedIn Publishing Platform, it is still being underutilized today by many content creators. They still think that LinkedIn is only the professional network meant for employers, employees and job seekers. The truth, however, is LinkedIn is one of the greatest online tools for all content makers or bloggers to earn a name.

Blogs are there to help bloggers get reached and recognized by people, but LinkedIn provides them even more exposure and the real limelight. By using LinkedIn you certainly get found, connect with a massive audience, reconnect with your favorite time period, gain expertise from experts, strengthen your business, sales and marketing, and lots more.

Can just a blog offer you that much, that easily, and up to that degree of efficiency? No. So, why not spend your next 15 minutes getting across these “8 important tips to create great LinkedIn posts and make them count”?

  1. Write for the LinkedIn Audience

It’s critical to know and understand your audience first, and then go about your writing. The topic you choose to write about and the words you use in your post carry a lot of significance, and people will love reading your post if it uses the words they are familiar with and the topic is of their interest. A proper demographic study is what you need to perform beforehand. In this regard, another important aspect is your title and headlines. Make sure they are attractive and compelling to the readers.

  1. Keep the Word-count between 500-800 

‘500-800 words’ is considered as the perfect word-count for any standard article. This makes a post not-so-big and not-so-small, and would ideally convey the message. Anything more, people will consider it ‘wordy’ especially on a platform like LinkedIn.

  1. Publish Once in a Week

No one tells you to write and publish posts daily. Never do that on LinkedIn. The rule is: ‘once in a week, and be consistent with this’. Write something useful for your target audience (employers, employees, job seekers or content makers) regularly weekly. Maybe, your first few content pieces would not earn you lots of appreciations, but don’t step back. Keep publishing content with love, keep connecting with more people, and soon the network will reward you.

  1. Share the Post on All Other Social Channels 

After publishing share the content on as many social channels and email newsletters as you could because that’s how your content gets maximum visitors and readers, which leads to success.

  1. Implement Both Internal and External Linking 

To build up the number of visitors and social engagement you need to link your LinkedIn content both internally and externally. In internal linking you will have to link to some of your other LinkedIn posts that offer full relevance to the topic. And in case of external linking you would need to link to some of the posts you think are relevant to the topic, and link back to your LinkedIn post from some blogs outside of LinkedIn. That’s how you can make your LinkedIn post fully informative and detailed. Your readers would enjoy reading your information-rich content.

  1. Include Relevant Visual Elements to Improve the Quality of the Post

The old saying goes – ‘A picture says a thousand words’. It’s much easier to respond in practice to visual elements than just words, so you need to include perfect visuals (suitable images and relevant videos) in your LinkedIn post to make it more appealing, interesting and high-quality. Something like using a perfect visual at the top and embedding a creative YouTube video or a Slideshare presentation at the end may work.

  1. Check the Analytics Results

To track the performance of your posts use the great LinkedIn analytics tool. This free tool helps you know about the type of articles that are getting most views, comments and shares. LinkedIn sends occasional emails to its users/contributors to let them know how their posts are performing. The emails also have some valuable tips for a secure, better and robust LinkedIn experience in the future.

  1. Respond to Comments

LinkedIn recommends responding to all comments both on your own posts and on others, because that’s how you build up your engagement rate and authority. That’s also how you can enhance your quality and trustworthiness as a LinkedIn blogger.

What are your experiences as a LinkedIn contributor? Please, share those in the comments below.

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