Company Profile

In the year 2008 we started as a 3-people-run SEO agency in USA. Now, we are a full-service brand-promoting company offering a wide range of services right from Logo Designing to Digital Marketing to Online Reputation Management. We design unique and attractive logos for brands, develop smart and conversion-friendly websites, and promote the brands for the best search engine ranking and maximum business.

Our Journey So Far

SEO Extent is 5 now. In November 2008, we started thinking about it and built it just a month later. We first began as an SEO services provider in USA with just three passionate SEO professionals. The first 6-8 months were really horrible – we were sweating our blood, roaming around the streets and trying hard to get our first client. That’s a lucky Friday in the late 2009, when we got our first project. That’s of course a small one.

Since then it’s been a good journey. We’ve really been able to satisfy myriads of clients across the globe. When we felt that the demand for all-round web services is extremely high in our area and proper resources are still not enough, we started expanding our team by hiring shrewdly educated and experienced web professionals. Today, SEO Extent is a team of 8 SEO experts, 2 project managers, 3 web and graphic designers, 4 web developers, 3 content developers and 2 social media marketing experts. And, the Boss looks after the ‘Production & Growth’ wing of the company. So, we are proud to be an influential and acknowledged SEO company in USA.

SEO Extent is yours. You can hire us for anything your website requires starting from discussion about the Design to effective Optimization and Promotion.

What Means To US

They are our God. They help us eat, drink, love and live. Because of them we found our purpose in life, and a reason to proceed. We become happy by making them happy.

It comes to us in many different ways during our work. Nothing gives us more pleasure than top search engine ranks for each of our clients’ websites.

We first work on to develop a cool state-of-the-art website for the brand and promote it not only to achieve a good search engine rank but also to help acquire the most number of online visitors.

Company History

2009: A year that made us see life from closer, that helped us learn about life, and made us realize the importance of struggle and hard work. We literally understood “hard work pays” toward the end of this year. It’s is the most important year in our timeline.

2010: A year that brought us mixed results. It’s more of a learning phase than performing because we were executing our strategies for our own clients as per Google’s guidelines for the first time. We had to unwillingly refuse certain clients since we were lacking professionals. However, on a positive note, we learned some new skills and successfully implemented a few and learned to build a team.

2011: A year that brought some sweet fruits. We got good positive feedback from our clients for our performance plus an achievement award from a local party. In other words, this year brought us inspirations to work more, love more and live more. We emerged as a successful SEO marketingagency in USA.

2012 to now: Continuous Research, Learning and Implementation. We have engaged a special team of enormously talented researchers to take care of all Google updates and recommendations making sure all our clients have their website page ranks unaffected whatsoever.

Enough about us, what about you? Do you need a FREE consultation for your website? Please, click here and allow us to do it within 48 business hours. For anything else please call(+1 323 455 4555) or contact us.