Long story short. An Idea - A Meeting - And the vital Decision. That's how SEO Extent took its shape. It all took around 2 months of time in early 2010. Since then, we have been striving to help businesses grow, and have successfully done that for hundreds across the globe so far.

We create beautiful and responsive Websites for our clients and promote them effectively to drive more business in a quick time. If you are looking for a reliable digital agency that can help take your business to its next level at a reasonable spending, SEO Extent is certainly the right choice for you. Please, contact us now to let us know your best time for a discussion about your business.

Our Journey So far...

We became a Featured web agency and were recognized by a number of popular internet-based aggregators including Yahoo News, The About Group, Forbes, Digital Journal, NBC News and a few more.

(We are Featured)

The expansion of the team happened to be a great successful stride. So far, we've built countless modern websites that look compelling and perform amazingly well.

(Web Design & Development)

We hired 2 unthinkably talented internet experts - one with tremendous amount of real-time experience in Advanced Search system and the other with Social Media. This turned us to a full-service digital agency, and this was one of the happiest feelings we could ever have. It brought in a lot more responsibilities and made us even more responsible.

(We went Digital)

Naturally, the first year is always the most difficult year. It taught us some lessons, some good experiences, some bad, but most importantly we managed to keep the ball rolling. We were fully committed, and that just paved the way. We simply tried to put our best, and everything else fell into place.

(Starting Year)