Add These 4 Features to Your Content to Earn Countless Links and Conversions

The industry of Web and SEO is humongous!

There is so much stuff happening and changing every single day and you really can’t keep track of all of that unless you have a super human body and a robot’s brain.

But not being able to keep track of all of those fast-moving changes is absolutely fine. You can still grow as a search professional, a digital marketer and even as an online business owner just by following certain rules, doing the basics right and moving in the right direction.

Whether you’ve been a part of this huge digital world for a long time, or have recently joined it, you know it very well that “Content is the Boss”. It’s safe to say that Digital Marketing stands because of Content, and it is Content that drives the entire online marketplace.

So, do you already know how to create quality content that sells automatically?

If yes, great!

If no, here’s some help for you. Go through the following 4 important points and make sure your content possesses these characteristics to help you earn a good number of links and sales.

Quick note: We’re going to talk about elevating the value of only the text-rich content, not other forms of visual content like images, graphics, videos or podcasts. With 100% pure visual content, it’s easier to attract users and win their hearts, but text-based articles have got their own sweet taste.

So, here are the 4 important characteristic features of content that can earn sales.

  1. Stats and Figures

What will your readers or audience look for when they first visit your page content?

Simple, they want a direct answer as quickly as possible.

If you could get them that direct answer in the first couple of sentences, then the job is done. But that’s not always possible and there’s a good portion of audience that will love to spend some time actually reading your text (if it’s got the power to captivate them).

You need to target those audiences that actually read, but don’t stretch your content too much or they will get bored.

If your topic headline is a direct answer or sounds very similar to that, they your readers are hooked.

Next, get to a compelling introduction by adding certain facts or emotion.

Adding valid stats and figures to start the introductory paragraph is also a good way to captivate readers that test the authenticity of the content. Actual readers also love to know additional stats associated with their query.

So, yes you need to add emotions, facts, stats and figures to the introductory paragraph and touch the pain point of your readers or audience right at the beginning.

But, remember to keep it short because too much stats and figures will look like an unnecessarily wordy paragraph.

  1. Voice of Authority

While adding numbers and stats to the beginning of your article adds authenticity to your piece, adding a voice of authority makes it trustworthy.

In today’s social media-driven fast life, anything that has a spark can go viral in no time. But many a times, it’s also been seen that a sudden bump can end with a quick fall, and you cannot afford to make that happen to your content.

One way you can add longevity to your article or blog post is by adding voices from other high-profile authors that have a huge follower-base.

You can add an image, a video or a quote made by the leaders in the niche you’re writing about, and that will contribute immensely to your article. If your readers see a famous personality that is already liked and revered by many and possibly by some or most of your readers, they trust your article automatically. It becomes quite easier for your article to get trust and links down the line, and that’s how you make your content live longer.

  1. Motivation for Readers/Users/Bloggers/Publishers

Giving a direct and quick answer is the first step to motivating your readers. But links won’t always come from your own readers or audiences. There are other bloggers and publishers out there who are a great prospect to link to your content.

So, how do you motivate them?

Well, constructive content marketing is a long game, and other bloggers and publishers that you think can contribute to your content program would be thinking the same way. All you need is a comprehensive win-win proposal.

If your content has certain depth and value, and its own growing audience, then content marketers will notice that. Find a way to let them know your content has the power to drive theirs. Build and connect with your network, offer to help others and create long-term relationships.

Participate in meet-ups, interact with influencers and engage in discussions. If you think you can further improve their content strategy in any way, don’t shy away from talking to them. They will definitely link to you.

  1. Ease and Clarity

Clarity wins.

If your readers feel that ease reading your post and find clarity about what they’re truly searching for, they would get that psychological comfort that “Yes, this blog is for me”! That experience will compel them to bookmark your blog and keep coming back.

Your choice of words does also matter a lot. Oftentimes, simple words with clarity in meaning and presentation can do a magic.

Same way, you can gain the trust of other bloggers and content marketers you like to connect with.

You’re doing a lot of hard work for your content. They are doing the same thing. This needs to be understood by all. Maintaining ease and clarity for your readers during content creation can work afterwards when you’re talking with other content creators about linking.

How effective is your content strategy? Could you please spare a minute to drop a comment below?

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