Content Targeting: What Marketers Say and What They Do

You surely need your content to be top-notch both in terms of its design and relevance to the users. Regardless of whether yours is already a highly popular brand or just a newly born start-up; the quality of your content is what affects your Digital Marketing Strategy the most. With this in mind you now need to know the answers to two vital questions:

  1. What should be the types of the content? and
  2. How often should you post them, i.e. what should be the Volume?

We will now focus on finding the answers. We will know what today’s digital marketers say about content types, quality and density, and what they actually do, but it’s necessary to know a little about the term Content Targeting first.

Content Targeting

This is a form of advertising or paid inclusion that is based on matching both the keywords used in the advertising queries as well as the actual content of web pages with search queries. The other forms of pain inclusion are based only on keyword searches.

Content Targeting has also got an important role to play in Search Engine Optimization. It helps make up the content on the web pages based on the predictability factors such as the most popular keywords and search queries, behavior of the potential purchaser and demographics. The website, with these multiple uses of Content Targeting, can get its top visibility in search engines.

Now, let’s discuss about a few things modern digital marketers say about content targeting and what they implement in their content marketing strategy.

Researched Facts from around the Web

As per one of Conductor’s recent articles, they asked 187 digital marketing professionals from companies like B2B, B2C and other agency companies about their content approach, i.e. whether their content team is producing a greater volume of less researched content or a smaller volume of highly researched content, and a major percentage (71%) of those said their content team is focusing on producing a smaller volume of well-researched content. Well-researched content are the content intended to completely answer all queries of the target audience.

Here’s the image that shows the research done by the Conductor’s research and development team.

Content Targeting

Conductor’s R&D team has also researched that there are still lots of organizations that have not focused on content sophistication, and failed to reach their target audience fully in recent times. This gives rise to the bottom-line that many of those are trying to implement all their research plans as they know focusing on reaching the users’ pain points must be the goal of every content creator, but many are still lagging behind.

This helps us find our answers to the above two questions:

  • What should be the types of content?

    Ans: Every content piece has to be created to get its target users engaged by solving the queries completely. Therefore, the types of the content should be based on the popular niches.

  • What should be the volume of the content?

    Ans: A Smaller volume of well-researched content does a much better job than a higher volume of little to no researched content.

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