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Frequently Ask Questions

Why should I do SEO? I am already having the 1st page position with Google Adwords ?

Here are the 3 reasons you should do organic SEO: Organic SEO provides you with a long-term success. So, you can successfully drive much more traffic to your website through organic SEO than Google Adwords campaign. It takes just a fraction of what Google Adwords costs. As per a survey only 18-20% of all Internet users click paid ads because it's an instinct that human eyes and brains don't prefer seeing ads. The yellow button put beside the website URL suggesting it's a Google Adwords campaign can sometimes be an irritation. Therefore, you lose most of your traffic. Please click here to visit one of our blog posts about organic SEO vs Google Adwords.

How can SEO help me?

SEO proves to be the best online marketing strategy to drive traffic and sales. If done right, it can help get tons of web traffic consistently over a longer period of time. From Effective Keyword Analysis to Strategic Back linking & Traffic Generation, SEO is a vast process. For a detailed view of the complete SEO process please visit this post.

Which keywords are good for my business, how to choose them?

Don't worry. It's our job to find and choose the best keywords for your business. An effective Keyword Analysis is the most essential part of a successful SEO. We use our knowledge, experience and a couple of tools to find the best feasible keywords for your business, and we offer it completely FREE of cost.

I have limited budget. Can I afford your SEO services?

First, if you are a Google Adwords subscriber, then cheer because you would be paying much less for our organic SEO services than you are paying for Adwords per month. Second, if you are new to online marketing, be happy to know that our SEO services are pretty much affordable. We have designed our SEO plans for all kinds of businesses from starter to successful MNCs, and we are sure you are somewhere in between.

Do you have any contract period?

That's the interesting thing about our SEO program. You can start or terminate our services any time you want since there is no contract period. However, we need at least a couple of months for a successful SEO campaign that would boost your business.

Is there any guarantee?

We can assure that minimum of 70% of keywords will get you the top 10 ranks on Google's search page (as per packages). We have never failed in achieving the results so far, but in case we fail to get the minimum targeted ranking for certain keywords during the campaign period due to the frequent and/or unnoticed changes in the search algorithms, we will provide you the service(s) for 3 more months completely free of cost. We will enhance your traffic by 12-20% each month during this extended period; otherwise you will get all your money back. So, there is no loss whatsoever.

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