How to Produce Top Class Contents Every Time

Producing interesting, unique and original contents for your brand promotion is not a new concept. Everyone associated with the web-world more or less knows the importance of contents. Good contents add special flavour to the base value of your site while bad ones see the exit door opened.

There is no need to explain the popularity of social media these days. In this context I would mention the cases of two giant players, i.e. Facebook and Twitter. Facebook takes care of its one billion users and Twitter spreads around one billion tweets in every sixty hours.

So there is no scarcity of contents. Also those contents don’t lack sharing as users are always engaged in sharing. Here what will be your point? Being a business person you need to cement your base. Though there are legions of contents shared each day still you need your ones to come out on top.

In this article I have carefully rendered few ways to make contents that will market themselves. No need to bother about the typical marketing and all. Proceed and follow the ways.

  1. Past is not past.

Before posting any new content just take care of its category. Estimate its past record. Were the contents of that category liked by the web-users? If yes, go for it. If not, change its body.

Here you can take the help of your analytics. This tool will tell you which posts got most no. of views, shares and traffic. Verify the reason of it. After some analysis try to repeat that success by this new post too. So keep track of all your past records.

  1. Touch the Hearts.

Yes, you have to do it. Whatever content you are posting that must touch your reader’s emotion. Create something that will create a feel both in the mind and heart. To become popular the only thing your contents need is sharing. Who will share bogus matters?

So make some permutations and combinations about the demand of your readers. Identify what they actually need and how to reach them fully. Try to feel from their perspective. You will get answers to lots of questions. Be loyal and sober with what you write, be genuine what you produce. That’s the solution.

  1. Use Appealing Headlines and Bulleted lists.

Thing is that the more you write and post, the more you learn. With time you will learn the skill how to make your headlines, points and sub-points exciting. It’s my personal experience.

What is a compelling headline? For example, I wrote the first headline as “Past is not past” in this post. The other alternative in my mind was to write “Prepare your content as per your past record”. But eventually I chose this one because     it’s short, simple and good-looking. And more importantly it makes the reader ambitious, doesn’t it? Here I would mention the 4 U’s told by Copyblogger to make great subject matters and headlines.

  • Useful: Why is it valuable?
  • Unique: Why is this post special?
  • Urgent: What is the benefit of reading it now?
  • Ultra-specific: What will I learn from this?

Once you got the mastery over these 4 U’s you will really produce the best contents. Also, don’t forget to use bulleted lists to highlight the important points. It works well.

  1. Make subscription and sharing processes easier.

Think about a scenario when there is no social follow and sharing module on your page. Then who will go to share or like your blog? Even you also find it too boring to use the manual method of tweeting or sharing blogs. It’s actually tiresome to copy and paste the URLs and links in new tabs.

Social Sharing

So every blog or content must have quick and short-cut buttons to like, tweet and share it. Another important aspect is Newsletter subscription. To subscribe for newsletters or RSS feeds you just need to enter your e-mail and that’s it. Think how easier it is!! So these facilities are must for the sites.


5. Make your Contents Visual, not textual.

In October 2012, Pinterest drove more traffic than Yahoo organic traffic and Google referrals. Why am I telling this to you? Guess what?? Yeah Pinterest incorporated a new interface of using visual contents. All social media today only reward visual contents.


Generally speaking, photos and videos create more impact on the mind than simple texts. And it’s true when a wide variety of customers make it happen world-wide.

Importantly images give more clear and understandable ideas. They convey the thing better. And they save time. So put images and visual in your contents.

6. Do Proper SEO for your blog.

No matter how much interesting and educative your content is if it doesn’t reach to your customers. How an un-known user will get to know about your blog? Here comes the important role of SEO.

If you do some effective SEO like keyword research and go for optimizing your content pages, then your contents are more visible in the search engines.

So, what we discussed above they bring a combined effect. This is a true holistic approach toward building compelling and most successful blog contents. Follow the steps and stay on top always. Good Luck!!!!

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