Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management, aka Negative Suppression Service, is a process to reduce the damage or offending pages caused by negative Internet postings that rank highly on searches for company brands or individuals associated to the organization. Here, at SEO Extent we basically use two main techniques to remove offending pages.

  • Legal way: Removing offending pages legally could be costly. Being the website owner if you have got strong evidence against who posted the negative content, you may file a lawsuit against them and ask them to remove the negative postings. Oftentimes, it is too difficult to find the evidence, but it’s not impossible.
  • Using SEO: By using SEO and Social Media Marketing we can move offending pages containing negative content down in the search engine rankings to the second page or lower so they take less attention. Moreover, we can use proprietary techniques to drop such pages completely from showing up in search engines.

If you are worried about negative postings on your website, please feel free to contact us.