SEO in 2015: 6 Highly Effective Techniques to Implement

Just for a talk about SEO in 2015, Eric Enge, founder and CEO of Stone Temple Consulting and one of the industry’s all-time search veterans, makes some guesses like:

  • Search Engines are evolving, and so are SEO techniques. The only thing to look after is the how they are changing.
  • Negative SEO would be kicked harder and faster as Google’s becoming much stricter.
  • Mobile search will dominate desktop search.
  • He also focuses on “App SEO” even though there’re no specifics included in that particular comment.

Things are clear though – SEO is getting harder and more legit, and so is the job of SEOs. Therefore, we’ve handpicked 6 highly effective SEO techniques an SEO expert needs to implement all 2015. Get into them, and hopefully, you would get a better way to deal with all threats and signals coming from Google.

  1. That Same Thing Goes – Create Awesome Content

Creating high-quality and awesome content that people would love to share is truly the greatest way to earn good inbound links. The more the number of quality inbound links; the more is your search engine visibility. This also brings a substantial boost in your referral traffic. There’s a time when irrelevant and keyword-stuffed content was getting ranked, but now you don’t even think about that. Your content has to be fully relevant, meaningful, and targeting your audience. Create it to spread, or halt.

  1. Get Co-Citation Links 

Co-citation links are the links you get from other relevant sites in your niche by contacting other publishers and asking them to include you in the list. Similarly, you can ask for links from third-party sites if they’ve published your guest posts, which you would be calling as Editorial links. Simple rule – just ‘give and take’, and if you’re worth linking, people will love doing so. These are all White-hat link-building strategies that work tremendously.

  1. Use Broken-link Building Technique 

If you found there are certain broken links to your site, contact those respective webmasters immediately to address those broken link issues. This, in turn, does improve their user experience, so they would surely welcome you.

  1. Focus More on Conversions than Just Keyword Rankings 

You do SEO, you stabilize your web presence, you intensify your visibility chance, and you get your keywords ranked on Google. But eventually what matters is your Conversions. You may have 15 keywords that come on Top-10, but if none of those can help get customers, what’s the use of doing SEO? So, if you’re an SEO expert, focus more on your conversions, not just Keyword Ranking.

  1. Implement Mobile SEO 

Google has already declared that Mobile search volume will surpass Desktop search volume in 2015, and started modifying its ranking algorithms accordingly. Therefore, if you’re implementing SEO, do make your website mobile responsive and do implement Mobile SEO.

  1. Do SEO for Bing, Yahoo and others

Google is #1, it’s all users’ favorite, yet it sees competitors in Bing, Yahoo and others. Bing and Yahoo are clearly struggling, but they’re not going away. As per sources, they are in talks with browsers like Firefox and Safari to be their default search engines. If that’s going to happen sometime soon or toward the year-end, shouldn’t you optimize your website for them too?

What are your SEO plans in this year and/or next? Please, share those with us and the web.

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