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Sielco Sistemi

Company Info

Sielco Sistemi offers a bunch of hardware & software products that help build SCADA HMI applications for industrial and building automation processes. All of the products they offer are high quality, reliable and easy to integrate with each other; SCADA software is easy to use and a cost effective solution.

The company had developed the SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) software package for automation process with the name “Winlog” back in early 90s, and these days it provides the renewed and advanced version of the software in the name of “Winlog Pro”. Sielco Sistemi is guided by its mission to promote the diffusion of the SCADA software across industrial and automation applications all over the world.


Since Sielco Sistemi believes in continuous improvement and updating in its software product it became essential for them to have a more attractive website than they previously had. Their previous website was lacking a lot of keep elements to attract visitors and convert them.

We suggested a new, attractive, highly functional and content-rich website that would provide good information and knowledge to the visitors first, and persuade them to download and use their software product next. They agreed to have a better look, but didn’t want to alter the original style, architecture and the basic colors.

So, we knew we had limited scopes and it was not easy, but we accepted the challenge and went ahead to do the website redesign. We also had to do SEO after the design is ready.



Our Sielco client was extremely happy when he saw the new design on the live site.

Clients Opinion

Many thanks to you and your team, David. Your guys are friendly and responsible. I really want to strengthen business cooperation.
- Brad Guo
CEO, Beijing Hongdee Corp.
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