Sielco Sistemi

Company Info

Sielco Sistemi has developed the SCADA software package for automation with the name “Winlog” in early 90s, and today it’s offering the renewed and enhanced version of the software in the name of “Winlog Pro”. The company is guided by its mission to promote the diffusion of the SCADA software all over the world.


Since Sielco Sistemi believes in continuous improvement and updating in its software product it became essential for them to have a more attractive website than they previously had.

They wanted a better look of their current site without changing their basic colors, style and arrangement of content. This was hard as there were limited scopes, so we had to do a good amount of research to come up with a sensible result.


  • After a thorough discussion they decided to prepare a blueprint, which was ready in just a couple of days.

  • Based on that reference we went ahead to design the demo and did it in a week. They got it checked by their experts and asked for certain changes. The final design was ready in about a week post that.

  • Then it’s time for adding content onto pages and arranging them properly. We had to do some re-wording to the copies before posting onto pages.


Client was immensely happy when the final site was put live.

Clients Opinion

Thank you David for making our Toronto personal services website mobile-friendly. You were responsive and cooperative in implementing the design and SEO. It’s a good deal!