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Bowtie Detailing

Company Info

“Bow Tie Detailing” is a family owned and operated business proving mobile and in-shop car detailing services in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. They have been serving these areas for over 10 years. They give full attention to every service they provide and every vehicle they touch. They back their work with a full satisfaction guarantee.

The important thing is that they are environment conscious and use only eco-friendly equipment and products while doing their auto detailing work. They are a certified auto detailer. Malika Covington is their owner.


We started our cooperation with Bow Tie Detailing back in 2018. We started doing SEO for, but as David realized that the website design was not great he wanted to suggest a new design to Malika, the owner.

Malika asked our development to send a couple of example sites that she could look at, but she didn’t like any of those in the first glance and wanted to drop the idea of redoing her website.

David knew the importance of a modern-looking, better-performing website and wanted to suggest it again to Malika after a period of 6 months. Malika understood the importance and agree to redesign her website. Her requirement was simple – a good, clean website with well-written content to showcase their real expertise. Our development team accepted it and began working on the design.



Our development team delivered this clean and attractive website which was exactly what Malika wanted. She was very happy with this new website of hers. She just loved the images used across the site. It was a good job done by our developers.

Clients Opinion

“David, I love this website. This is prominent and works well on all devices. I could see the difference. Thank you for suggesting this to me. I hope it helps grow our business further!”
- Brad Guo
CEO, Beijing Hongdee Corp.
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