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Company Info with registered brand name “Hongdee Corporation” has been one of the most sought after ophthalmic equipment suppliers for the last 15 years. Their headquarter is located in the Daxing district, Beijing, China. They are an extremely popular company that is serving customers in more than 60 different regions and countries.

Brad Guo is the owner and CEO of Beijing Hongdee Corp, who is a wonderful client for us. He and his team are very friendly and cooperative all the time.


The Beijing Hongdee Corp company has a good collection some of the highly popular and useful medical equipment (mainly ophthalmology and optometry) but their original website was terrible. It was only a one-page old HTML site with no ability to convert visitors to buyers.

As soon as David noticed that about, he asked Brad to go for a redesign at the earliest. After a good discussion on Skype Brad agreed to do the website optimization and social media promotion after the redesign is complete.

To be honest it was a roller-coaster journey during the initial couple of weeks before things started taking shape. It took around 3 months to complete the design and upload the product details to the site. That’s only because Brad usually has a very busy schedule and his team didn’t know how to organize the content, product images and other details. It took them a while to organize the content for the new site.

The site is getting little adjustments here and there even today, and that’s a good sign because they quickly learned to be very serious about their business and its growth online.

So, SEO Extent had a two-step goal for website – A) A good design, and B) Proper SEO and Social media marketing.



Brad is a quick learner himself, and his ability and love for learning new skills and techniques that are related to his business growth makes him a great business owner. He absolutely loved the new website. He also likes the way our SEO team is performing. He has agreed to stay with us for a long period of time.

Clients Opinion

“David and his team are very flexible and communicative. I would never understand the importance of having a cool website that my potential customers would see, love and turn into repeat buyers. It was possible all thanks to my initial detailed discussion with David that happened just at the right time. I always feel like they are part of my own business working towards my company’s growth.”
- Brad Guo
CEO, Beijing Hongdee Corp.
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