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Middle Swan Solar

Company Info

This is the second website that Andrew runs for his Solar panel installation business. Middle Swan Solar specializes in the installation of Solar PV Systems, Battery Systems and Maintenance of Renewable Energy Systems. They use and recommend high quality products with all of their installations including SMA and Fronius Inverters, Top quality and Durable Panels.


The original Middle Swan Solar website was having a lot of issues including an old-school design and under par performance. Andrew was not happy with the website, so he decided to make a change.

David and Andrew had an initial discussion about the website design and Andrew asked for a good package for two websites. David willingly gave a special offer and closed the deal.

Andrew wanted a clean, modern-looking and user friendly website that would load fast and give full justice to his solar panel installation service. Middle Swan Solar is related to renewable energy systems, so the idea was to showcase something that would look like it’s closely related to the Mother Nature. Thus, Green was the obvious choice as the main color for the website. The goal Andrew set for our web development team was easy and they would do a top-notch website anyway.



Our client Andrew loved the final look of the website very much. Once the design was ready, we went on to write the website’s meta data and do the on-page SEO properly. After a month, the website began improving its search engine ranking.

It’s all thanks to the consistent hard work our web team has put.

Clients Opinion

“David is responsible and reliable. Two websites and two completely different designs, and it didn’t take them long. I can recommend them for the rest of my life. I’d have loved to record a short video telling about their expertise, but camera is not my thing. Sorry David, I cannot do a video for you, but you may use this text feedback as a testimonial certifying your excellence.”
- Brad Guo
CEO, Beijing Hongdee Corp.
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