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Company Info is owned and operated under the brand PumpTech Electrical Pty. Ltd. They are a specialized local pump installation company providing professional pump installation, maintenance and repair services to different parts of Midland DC, Western Australia State. Andrew Starcevich is their owner and the chief project manager, who has completed his apprenticeship as an electrician and pump technician back in 2010 with popular Pump Solution Company.

PumpTech electricians and pump technicians have over 25 years of collective experience in Pump and Electrical Contracting industry. They cover all kinds of sectors including small rural applications, residential apartments, high rise commercial buildings and big industry level applications. They have delivered countless small to big projects so far.


Pumptech Electrical was originally our SEO client back in 2017. After over a year of continuous SEO Andrew wanted to take a break even though he was happy with the kind of results our SEO efforts were producing. He had some family urgency that held him back from fully focusing on his business, so he requested us to stop all SEO work for some time.

Andrew was back again in 2020 when he could fully focus on his business. He wanted us to resume SEO, but David rightly noticed that his website needed an overhaul. Andrew agreed to David’s suggestion and wanted our developers redo his website.

He wanted a simple, clean and fast loading site with clear navigation and architecture both on desktops and mobiles. So, you can say that was an easy goal for our experienced web development team.



Andrew loves his site’s design, content and images. We too are very happy with the outcome we obtained nearly after a month. is cool website that our client can keep for at least 5 years. We love this new website.

Clients Opinion

“David is a superb partner to work with. He has an amazing team of search experts and web designers that can deliver anything and everything. I’m camera-shy so I don’t like to record a video testimonial for them, but I’m writing this text right from my heart that they can use as a testimonial. I wish them all the best!”
- Brad Guo
CEO, Beijing Hongdee Corp.
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