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How to write personalized content and increase conversions

Focus on your website content, and your website would see an increased visitor engagement. And an increased visitor engagement rate means increased sales. Every veteran content creator or content marketer would give you this single piece of advice about improving your website’s conversion rate, and rightly so.  It’s safe to say that your website content is all that your online sales depend on.

You may implement a ton of different marketing strategies that are quite advanced and are able to produce magical results, but if your onsite content sucks, all of that marketing effort would go in vain. Onsite content was the most essential thing for your business website’s growth, and it will continue to be the same for years to come.

But, how do you create your website content that would produce growth and increase the conversion rate? What should be the size or length of your content? How would you add your keywords to the content? How should the content read? What should be the tone? And so on…

This article is going to answer all of that. It’s going to teach you the exact same steps that we follow at SEO Extent, and get some fantastic results. The short and simple answer is that we focus on creating high-quality, personalized content. So, read on to know the exact steps that you can follow and implement in your content marketing strategy as well. It might be of real help to you.

Understand the search intent, not just the search terms

Search engines have improved a lot on their ability to display the search results to the searchers. Google, in particular, has announced that they have incorporated the Artificial Intelligence (AI) mechanism to their ranking algorithm, which enables them to understand the search intent behind the terms people are typing in the search. This is an excellent update and so wonderful to be able to see it in action!

So, just like the search engines are able to find the exact search intent with the AI thing, they expect the content creators to follow the same principle. If you are a website owner or a content creator creating content with the hopes of getting ranked on the search results, you have to focus on understanding the search intent behind your target keywords. Don’t simply stuff keywords into your content.

How do you understand the search intent?

Here’s a trick. You can actually understand this by looking into the search suggestions by Google. Start typing your keyword phrases word by word. As you type the words Google will show you some suggestions based on how people have searched previously. That will give you an idea of the possible derivatives of your main keywords. Other than the live suggestions as you type the words, there are dedicated sections on the search engine results pages where Google shows some questions and answers and rich snippets. Do a good amount of research with all those elements, and apply your own brain and some common sense to understand what a searcher would potentially search for.

Try to cover those long-tail keywords and answer all relevant questions in the same piece of content. With good answers to their questions, your content can be highly personalized. That way your content becomes a masterpiece, and in turn, majority of your target visitors can turn into loyal readers or buyers for life.

Find out the exact target audience

Finding the right audience can be daunting. Let’s understand this with the help of an example. Say, you’re offering help, education and career assistance to those who are interested in pursuing a career in child care. So, you may be providing care to those who would provide child care in their life or career. You are not going to provide child care yourself.

Imagine this scenario in your head for a moment. Did you understand this?

So, your target audience is the candidates who would build their career in child care, not the ones who are looking for child care help.

Is it clear now?

So, it’s very important to find out the right target audience before you even start creating your content. Many content creators are still committing this mistake of not understanding their right target audience and their exact needs. They end up creating content for the wrong audience or no audience. Make sure you don’t commit the same mistake.

Monitor your audience’s behavior

Once you have found your right target audience, next is to focus on understanding their behavior. Understanding their behavior will help figure out a way to create personalized content that better suits their interests.

How do you track your target audience’s behavior and interests?

Simple. Your Google Analytics Behavior Flow Report gives you a good understanding of the top landing pages of your site, the most visited pages after those top landing pages within a particular period. This is one way of understanding the topics that your audiences are most interested in.

There are other ways too.

Within the same Google Analytics dashboard you can check the Interests/Affinity Categories report, the User Explorer report, the Lifetime Value report, the Users Flow report etc. to get a broad understanding of your target audience’s interests and behavior. This important information about how your target audience behaves and engages with your content can help you personalize and refine your content further for improved conversions.

Engage with them

The impact of active engagement with your target audience is enormous when you are focused on creating personalized content. With active engagement you can gather a lot of information about their interests, preferences, likes and dislikes.

In the previous step, we discussed how to get valuable information about your target audience’s behavior and interests simply by looking into the Google Analytics data and statistics. While those data are extremely valuable, one-on-one communications are always more important than that. Nothing gives you a more accurate understanding of what your target audience actually wants than a proper communication with them on a personal level.

Ask questions to them and be open to answering their questions as well. Develop a good active engagement with them that many other content creators in your niche would tend to neglect. With good engagement with them, you can also provide more trust to them. There are ways to build this active engagement with your audience right in your on-site content other than the comments and replies sections. Integrating the social media sharing options can be a good example of establishing a quick engagement with your audience.

The goal is to make your content as personalized as you can.

Solve their problems

Try to be the best problem solver in your niche because there will always be big competitors along the way that can outperform you. Things have evolved a lot today, so you cannot simply give some generic information to your audience that they can find everywhere else and expect your content to go viral. Instead, try and solve their problems. If you genuinely focus on solving their problems right at the time of creating your content, your audience would definitely know that. They would keep loving you and your content forever.

Do your research and make a list of your audience’s pain points, and try to plan for your content in advance. Each piece of content should solve at least one big problem. Give your content calendar some serious thought. Stay focused! No excuses please!

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