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Improve Your Traditional Marketing ROI with Effective Enterprise SEO

Are you doing traditional marketing for your business and worried about the constantly declining ROI figures? You are not alone. This is now a common thing to a lot of small and medium businesses that are solely dependent on traditional marketing strategies. They are all complaining that their ROI is decreasing. Although this is not the case with all businesses the number of those who are facing this problem is still big.

So, if you are one of them, this post is going to provide some help to you. In this post you will learn how to associate effective enterprise SEO with your traditional marketing and form a productive strategy that would result in an increased ROI.

But before we delve into the subject let’s first know a little bit about Enterprise SEO and Traditional Marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing as you already know is the marketing ads you see on devices like your TV set and Radio, and the big ads in the form of billboards and print materials. Brands do marketing through those traditional channels and hence it has got the name Traditional marketing.

Enterprise SEO

It simply means the SEO done for enterprise-level sites that have tons of pages. Enterprise SEO basically aims at improving the organic search engine presence of large enterprises.

People nowadays are consuming digital content more than the content available offline. They watch TV so they see those ads shown on the TV or radio devices or any print media, but they just don’t react much to the content on those media. Rather, they react more to those that are shown online on their mobile devices.

That’s the fact, but we all need to know that traditional marketing has not lost its shine completely. As a marketing strategy it still has got a lot of potential. It still has a lot to give to brands and businesses. And for large enterprises in particular, traditional marketing still matters a lot.

Here are a few points that prove this.

  • There is a category of people that still prefers watching their programs on TV rather than mobile. They are way more comfortable on big screen TVs rather than mobile devices with a smaller screen.
  • Offline content including billboards and print ad copies stay in the memory at least for some time, while online content such as the ads you see while watching videos on your mobile have a very short life span meaning they don’t stay in the memory.
  • An ad script for radio would probably sound more organic in nature, and the listeners would feel that it’s just an organic review, not a paid ad only speaking in favor of the brand.
  • With traditional marketing, brands or enterprises get an opportunity to be familiar with their target audience directly or indirectly. It’s not that there’s no opportunity for brands to be familiar with their audience online, but the amount of content you see and consume every day is way too much. You see a popular face on a large advertising board and it just stays in your memory for a long time. That is difficult to happen online when you browse through so much of content at a given time. Brand familiarity matters.

With all that in mind, let’s learn how enterprise SEO can have a huge impact on traditional marketing.

It’s clear that traditional marketing is the form of marketing that reaches the audience in the real world (in case of billboards or print materials). However, Enterprise SEO is the kind of online marketing that creates a digital environment for the audience and reaches them virtually. A real world scenario is always more powerful than a virtual world scenario. That said, people are consuming more digital content these days, which signifies that they kind of love to stay in the virtual world, which gives a good opportunity for digital marketers to reach their audience digitally.

Therefore, if you are able to achieve a strong SEO presence with good and effective enterprise SEO, it can help your brand earn trust from your target customers and that trust lasts long.

A combination of enterprise SEO and traditional marketing is the best thing for businesses. Some of the major benefits of this association are:

  1. It can enable users to integrate their real-life experience with their digital searches. Consumers can easily connect their real-life experiences with search engines or digital presence through their mobile device really quickly.
  2. Traditional marketing gives real-life experiences to consumers, and real-life experiences lead to trust. But in order to strengthen that trust brands should add enterprise SEO to their traditional marketing efforts. The image on the big billboard will stay in the consumer’s mind for some time, and if s/he gets to see similar ads on their mobile device digitally, it gives a chance to the brand to interact more with the consumer. More interaction means more trust, and more trust means a higher chance of purchasing. Thus, combining enterprise SEO to traditional marketing makes the entire buying and selling process faster and easier.
  3. With enterprise SEO the marketing team of the brand can interact more and better with their consumers, and the team can understand the consumers better. With a better understanding of their consumers’ behaviors and requirements they can make their traditional marketing strategies better and more effective.

How to integrate enterprise SEO with traditional marketing and increase the ROI

There are a few tips on how you can integrate enterprise SEO with your traditional marketing strategy and increase the ROI. Let’s learn them one by one.

Make your website the best

You need to have a killer website that actually acts as a good conversion platform for you. Through the right kind of enterprise SEO and a correct sync with your traditional marketing campaign you can drive a good amount of traffic to your website really fast, but if your website sucks in terms of design, user experience or any other element, all that effort you put in driving traffic would go to waste.

Make your landing pages the best. Your entire website including the landing pages must be attractive and 100% responsive, so mobile users can easily engage with your pages on their mobile devices. Stats say, almost 77% of people of all age groups use a second screen while watching TV. And as big as 83% of adults under 55 years of age keep a second screen open while watching TV.

Choose the right keywords

Keywords are important for your business, and you need to choose only the right keywords that would drive more sales for you. Keywords are the terms that your potential customers would type into the search bar.

Think about your traditional ad materials or scripts and make a list of the terms that people would want to search for. Optimize your business website with those search terms to make sure the site appears on the search results when people perform their searches.

Your search presence around those productive branded keywords has to be the best.

Create the right content

After finding the best possible keywords you would need to create the right content for good outreach. The right branded keywords and product keywords are enough to give you great content ideas for your audience.

When creating content you can come across a great number of possibilities. Whether you would create content primarily for the ad materials or you would create content just to give information to your target audience with no sales pitch of call to action, or you would create content that other influencers would place on their blogs etc. These are the different options and you have to implement them all.

The aim is to create a holistic content strategy and develop an organic relationship with your target audience.

Make the most of your Google My Business Listing

Digital marketers consider Google My Business (GMB) Listing as a virtual business card that provides a good amount of authority to your brand. It helps you earn trust too.

All you need to do is set your GMB up, add a valid address and put an optimized description. Once the right set-up is over you should start generating Google reviews. When there are enough reviews you can claim your search panel to let Google embed your listing in the search results.

You can use Geofencing and IP Targeting to your advantage because that allows you to reach billboard viewers

The combination of Enterprise SEO and Traditional marketing can actually help increase brand authority, consumers’ trust, website traffic and conversions. If your potential consumers like your traditional marketing, they would most likely engage with your content and brand online, either through a search in any of the search engines or through social posts in the social media channels

It not only strengthens your marketing strategies, but also provides a lot of value to your entire company or organization. You need to focus on maintaining the synergy well to expand the benefits beyond just your traditional or digital marketing wins.

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