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Learn how a dedicated social media manager can add value to your business

If you are running a business on the internet, you already know the importance of internet marketing. You also know the power of social media today. Internet marketing aka Digital marketing is a broad strategy that includes a few different campaigns or strategies in it, and social media marketing is probably the most important amongst all of those campaigns.

For many of us, social media marketing is also known as social media management.

Earlier, there was a bit of difference between social media marketing and social media management, but today, these are regarded as almost the same techniques with pretty much the same responsibilities taken by a social media marketer and a social media manager. There is not much difference between social media marketing and social media management.

In this post, we will learn how a dedicated social media manager can add value to your brand and business.

Why a dedicated social media manager? Let me answer that.

Social media marketing is offered as a complimentary campaign by all modern day SEO service providers as part of the all-inclusive SEO package. Since it’s offered for free, it has limited scopes and results. So, a dedicated social media management plan is offered additionally that incurs an additional cost but gives a lot more advantages and benefits than a complimentary social media plan.

We, at SEO Extent, too have both the plans available for our clients. Those who can afford and are willing to spend an additional amount can take advantage of our dedicated social media management plan.

So, let’s now learn about the importance of a dedicated social media manager for your business.

There are a few different ways your dedicated social media manager can help your business grow. We will cover them one by one as follows:

A professional does the best job

It’s always a great idea to hand over the job to a professional who knows how to do the job very well. Some of the website owners I interact with think they can manage their social media themselves. If they really can, that is great indeed! If they have the knowledge, the skills and more importantly the time, then I’d always suggest they should do it themselves. However, serious business owners never practically get the time for marketing their business; forget about how much knowledge or skills they have or will be able to acquire. This is because they have a lot of other important tasks related to their business that they need to accomplish.

By the time they realize the importance and need of hiring a professional for the job, they would lose a significant amount of time. Make sure you don’t fall into that category or become a late player. React fast.

But it’s absolutely fine to have the DIY mindset in the beginning. If you have the DIY mindset, I’d ask you the following 4 questions:

Do you have the knowledge to beat an experienced professional?

Do you have the skills like an expert has?

Do you have patience?

Can you get enough time, at least 5 hours a day every day forever?

If the answer is ‘YES’ to all of these questions, then it’s definitely wise for you to do your social media management on your own. If ‘NO’, then hiring a dedicated social media manager should be ideal for you.

Expert advice and suggestions

There is no scarcity of scammers, fraudsters and self proclaimed experts on the internet market. They are always targeting you and are constantly looking for the chance of getting your business. There are a number of flags that help you differentiate between real experts and scammers or fraudsters.

On certain occasions, what happens is that the person contacting you is not a scammer or fraudster, but he or she doesn’t have the real expertise to handle your project. They cannot give you the right suggestions to get the most out of your social media campaign. This is because they’re still learning… They are not the right social media managers for you.

So, how do you recognize the real ones?

It’s again by asking a few questions to them. Don’t shy away from asking them for a thorough audit of your social media profiles, important suggestions that would be useful for you, and any other questions that come to your mind. Real experts give real advice and practical suggestions. You can easily recognize them.

A real dedicated social media manager starts by auditing your social media profiles and the campaigns you are already running. He or she will then suggest you the campaigns you should run for the optimal benefit for your business. Digging deeper the manager will then provide you with a detailed guide along with a proper social media strategy. And if you’ve hired the manager, he or she would start focusing on the implementation part of the strategy immediately. Our social media managers follow this step by step procedure. This might slightly differ from agency to agency, but the point here is that real experts always give you good and real suggestions that would be useful for you.

A simple practical suggestion can be like: “If you are running a photography or arts business, then Pinterest and Instagram would actually be more lucrative for you than Twitter or LinkedIn.” Your dedicated social media manager would be able to give you these simple, practical and useful suggestions and tips. You can choose your social media manager based on these simple questions and advice from him or her in the first place.

Thorough monitoring of the performance

A dedicated social media manager knows how to track and monitor the campaigns and the performance of each individual campaign. It’s very important to monitor the performance and results constantly and effectively, without which, you cannot know whether the campaign is a success or a failure.

Anybody in the company and even the business owner himself of herself can see the result and say if the campaign is performing well or not, but an expert campaign manager takes a lot of stats, real time data and some technical elements into consideration while monitoring the campaign. There is a difference between how an expert monitors and measures the campaign’s success and how anyone else sees the performance.

Based on what the dedicated campaign manager understands he or she can suggest effective modifications for further betterment. Nobody else would be able to do that. Moreover, an expert dedicated social media manager knows which tools will be handy enough to assist in their monitoring process and how to use those tools. Their skills are of utmost importance.

For all of these reasons, it’s essential for you to hire a dedicated social media manager to get the most out of your social media marketing campaign(s).

Protection of the Brand reputation

Protecting your brand reputation is a must. This is a pro feature that you cannot avail in a complimentary social media marketing or management plan.

As your brand name is on the internet and social media in particular, it’s going to be exposed to so many different types of comments, reviews and feedback from customers, prospective buyers and even your competitors. There is high possibility for your business brand to receive negative comments on social networks. Your social media manager knows how to deal with those negative comments the right way without letting your brand reputation get affected.

If there are any issues that need to be resolved, a dedicated social media manager with a good amount of experience should be able to resolve the issues within seconds. A less experienced manager or usually a freelancer won’t be able to mitigate it that wisely and effectively. Not only does the experienced social media manager protects your brand reputation on social media, but he or she also starts building a good rapport with other individuals and even other businesses.

The great deal of experience of your dedicated social media manager enables him or her to use the right voice and the right language of your brand. Responding to comments is also very important. Whether it’s a good comment or bad, your dedicated social media manager is able to deal with it. S/he knows how to respond and when to respond. Timing is very critical.

Boosting audience and post engagement

This is probably the most important practical benefit that you as the business owner would avail from your dedicated social media manager. You need to understand that social media marketing or management is not just posting on your social media profiles. It’s much more than that.

Usually, people claiming to manage their social media profiles do only the posting at random with no working strategy or plan in place. If not all, at least majority of them do that way. Like I mentioned, it’s way more than simply posting on the social channels, a professional social media manager would be able to make it work for you. He or she would be able to help in creating engaging posts, attract more and more targeted audience to those posts, and hold them to boost the post engagement significantly.

The audience could relate to your posts, engage with them, do certain activities, like and share the posts, and write their comments… Your manager engages with them as well by replying to their comments and thanking them for the likes and shares. While managing your social profiles s/he must be very helpful to your audience and if your business is going to launch a new product, service or application for added benefit or security for the audience, the manager should mention that in the posts and comments. If customers raise any complaints or issues about any product item, the social media manager should be able to mitigate and resolve the issues with the help of your production and support teams.

Good post engagement leads great user experience that further results in customer trust and improved brand reputation. And your dedicated social media manager should be able to accomplish that.

Professional reporting

Reporting is peace of mind. You, as the owner of the business must be having a ton of important tasks to execute and for that reason you’ve hired a person to take care of your social media growth. At the end of each month or fortnight you would need him or her to provide you with a thorough, clearly written report that would help you understand the work done and the results achieved in simple words. You don’t want any complication in the reporting, right?

If that’s idea, then it’s not what you can achieve with help of anybody who is novice and inexperienced in this. You’ve hired the person to take the burden off your shoulder and give you peace of mind, so a dedicated and experienced social media manager would come in handy.

Professional reporting is a must, and that is another aspect where an experienced and dedicated social media manager will have an edge over anyone else. Don’t ignore that.

If you’re looking for a dedicated social media manager who would look after your company’s social media the best way, we, at SEO Extent, should be an ideal option for you. You will avail high quality work, great performance, amazing results, professional reporting along with expert suggestions all at a reasonable price. That’s a promise!

Feel free to contact us today. Email:, Call on: +1 323 455 4555.

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